EWE is at ease with tradition and the future. We are proud of our years of experience and our reputation as a major energy company in northern Germany. We have often headed in new directions in the past, be it because the general political and regulatory conditions required it or with a view to opening up new lines of business through which we were able to provide our customers with attractive products and services.

We are facing the current challenges in the energy sector with the same perspective. EWE was one of the first companies in Germany to create the conditions for the energy, telecommunications and mobility markets to merge. We rely on our proven expertise and experience – we want to grow and shape the optimal energy supply for the future. To this end we are investing in partnerships and heading in new directions in order to improve our networks even further. And not only in northern Germany.

We are focusing our high level of innovation on a digital world. Through the networking of intelligent devices, our world will be shaped by new, highly efficient technical processes and markets designed to meet individual customer requirements. The changes are happening quickly. We have started to digitise our grids and develop holistic solutions for the energy transition. We are investing in renewables, our telecommunication networks and in expanding our e-mobility charging infrastructure. We are equally determined to implement the necessary changes within our company. We have the expertise to offer impressive price-performance ratios in all lines of business. Our personnel strategy is centred on employee and manager qualification and talent development, especially in the field of digitisation.

EWE aims to continue consolidating its position as a leading energy company for northern Germany. We have set four key strategic focal points:

  • We will use the opportunities of DIGITISATION.
  • We are a point of contact for our CUSTOMERS in a world of decentralised energy supplies.
  • We rely on RENEWABLE ENERGY and an intelligent grid infrastructure.
  • We work EFFICIENTLY in all business segments.

We will use the opportunities of

The energy supply of the future is digital. As a leading energy company in northern Germany, EWE will play a decisive role in digitisation in the coming decade.

By operating energy and telecommunication networks and as an expert in e-mobility, we are prepared for the dynamic merging of these markets. We possess the necessary IT systems to evaluate the necessary data and can promise our customers maximum data security.

The intelligent use of data is of key importance to the energy supply of the future. These data can be used to generate additional value for customers. Therefore, EWE also intends to develop products and services relating to its traditional electricity and gas business that are based on new requirements. We are prepared for tough competition from start-ups, successful Internet concerns and other energy companies in the emerging smart living products market.

EWE is well prepared for the merging of the energy, telecommunications and IT markets.

In order to allow this full potential, we will restructure our internal processes over the next few years and increase the speed at which we develop new products. Digitisation will also revolutionise the operation of grids. By fitting sensors and intelligent transformers to a grid, it will be possible to view detailed information on current flow in individual households, districts and even regions. Intelligent grid load management helps lower the costs of grid operation in the long term. In this market EWE will advocate intelligent assistance systems and digital platforms that make the lives of customers easier, more secure, more comfortable and less resource-intensive.


The energy supply of the future is reliant on integrated solutions. Whereas in the past almost everything depended on the augmentation of production technology, the future of the energy transition will be characterised by new and changing customer requirements.

We want to continue to be the best partner to our customers in the decentralised, digital energy future. Our high technical expertise serves as a reliable platform for this partnership, yet ultimately we want to impress our customers not with technology, but with tailored offers. These include services that improve a person’s quality of life as well as helping business customers optimise their technical and administrative processes.

The energy supply of the future will be decentralised: the increasing networking of intelligent devices will create a demand for assistance systems that will cause areas of life that are currently separate to merge. We therefore believe that our future lies in holistic offers that facilitate the conscientious, responsible use of energy and provide access to other cost-effective services. We will rely on the emergence of regional energy markets with digital billing systems in which all customers can participate. With our digital platforms, we are available round the clock to provide our customers with exceptional service.

Our customers should receive a customer experience from a single source.

We will pave the way for e-mobility with a dense network of charging points, simple charging processes, special tariffs for green electricity and smart applications. In the digital world, EWE will create new, favourable conditions for grid customers to start feeding in electricity generated from wind and solar power. We will also offer this know-how to other energy companies with no personal resources or strong financial base so that they can develop these services independently.


EWE is driving the energy transition in northern Germany. Ever since our formation we have considered ourselves experts in grids and pioneers in renewable energy.

We have been making a name for ourselves as a pioneer in wind power since the 1980s and made a significant contribution to the fact that wind farms in good locations now generate competitive amounts of electricity. We preserve this tradition and will continue to expand our expertise all along the value chain.

We want to supply our customers with the most cost-effective clean energy possible; we will therefore continue to move away from fossil fuels and invest in onshore wind farms, solar parks and, depending on the political situation, battery storage in the future. We will also drive the digitisation of grids forward and support the growing number of our customers who generate, store and use their own energy. The smoother the interplay between renewable energy power stations, energy storage facilities and local grid stability, the more cost-effectively electricity can be generated from renewables and transported to our customers.

EWE already has an excellent reputation as a driver of the energy revolution in the sector.

Not only will we build wind farms and solar power stations with our own funds, we will also do it alongside partners from the region and from other sectors more frequently. Given the expected level of income, more capital from new lines of business is flowing into renewable energy. In partnership with communities, residents and landowners, EWE will shape the development, construction and operation of renewable energy power stations and provide attractive investment opportunities.


Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of the energy transition. By using energy more productively, we can make a significant contribution to keeping global warming beneath the 2°C mark. What other challenges will the upheaval of the energy industry bring?

We associate the transformation at EWE with a new awareness of efficiency. Our divisions and employees will therefore be much more closely connected than in the past. As a group, we will develop innovative products for the markets of tomorrow whilst promoting a new corporate culture.

The landscape has changed dramatically for energy providers. Decentralised energy supplies require intelligent technologies. A new generation of customers want to manage their energy consumption independently and value energy efficiency. EWE is embracing this change.

We are increasing efficiency on all levels of the company. This will have an effect on almost all of our operations. Our profits are being squeezed by increasing competition, high price pressure and comprehensive regulations. Therefore, being efficient also means focusing on successful fields of business and investing in partnerships with other companies.

Being efficient also means focusing on successful fields of business.

Our employees are of key importance to the completion of our strategic objectives. More than 9,000 employees are contributing to the success of our customers. Our personnel strategy therefore places great importance on qualification, advanced training, innovative ways of working and the promotion of diversity. As part of our transformation we also aim to make EWE one of the most attractive employers in northern Germany.