Our Group Key Figures

in millions of euros20162015Change
in %
Operating EBIT534.6428.124.9
Result for the period332.9-9.4
Cash outflows for capital expenditure (total)469.2666.9-29.6
Cash flow from operating activities471.6708.2-33.4
Balance sheet total8,435.29,744.3-13.4
Equity ratio in %23.018.0
Net financial position3,399.74,237.1-19.8
Employees (on average)9,0488,8552.2
Full time employees (FTE)8,6078,4651.7
Non-financial performance indicators1)   
Installed electrical output from renewables374 MW322 MW16.1
Specific CO2 emissions from electricity generation563 g CO2/kWhel536 g CO2/kWhel5.0
Health rate in %94.895.4
1) The data in the non-financial report are based on the consolidated data of the key companies, as defined by their strategic relevance and
coverage of at least 95 per cent of the sales generated by the EWE Group.

The accounting methods applied may result in rounding differences of +/- one unit (euro, per cent, etc.).